Since this is the very first time I’m doing blog here, I’ll write something that will introduce me to all of you guys. Actually I’m not very good when it comes in writing pieces or part of myself as what others familiarly called BLOGGING, but as they say there is no harm doing things you are not familiar with. So I’m gonna give it a shot. And since this would be my first time writing a blog please bear with me. hehehe ^^

Well let me just introduce myself first as “Beautifully Imperfect”. In the sense that ME being Imperfect all the time yet people sees great things that would make me Beautiful. Two contradicting words that would best describe my attitude, behavior, gestures and personality.

little imperfections.

since most of you guys aren’t know me at all let me just randomly describe myself.

My name is Jon, just an ordinary lad living in a very diverse world. I had a very ordinary way of living. In my 20 years of existence here on earth I rarely feel that my life is full excitement. I’m living in a black and white world. Not until i have found someone that would actually brought colors to my life. hindi ko na siya papangalanan kilala na niya kung sino siya. “M.I.G.S” .

hahaha too much for that.

Since I’m introducing myself to you let me share some of my interest and favorites . . . some of it lang . . . coz the space provided here is not enough to detail everything about me . . true that every individual is unique. So here are some of the random things about me.. >.

♥ i love to eat

“It is not me I am introducing if eating is not included here in my blog hahaha I really love to eat.”

♥ i love to sing

“Yeah that’s right I love to sing. Singing and Listening to good songs are two of my best skills hahaha”

♥ i love to have a good conversation with my friends

“Conversation, sensible conversation is one of my favorite pastimes. I like debating”

♥ i love to love

“You read it right, I love to Love those people around me. It’s just feel right when you love someone”

♥ i really love talking with my best friend yori

“Hihi bleeh. I just love his laugh and his voice. I just love him nyahaha!”

♥ i love to see beautiful places

“This is what I want someday, to go to beautiful places on earth”

♥ i love and appreciate beautiful pictures

“I really love how photography captures the emotion behind every picture that I have saw”

♥ i love to listen to mellow music… anything that suits my ears

“good music = good mood”

♥ i love doing random stuffs like, taking pictures of unaware people haha

“yah! haha I’m a crazy person, so whatever my “toyo” strikes, you have to prepare yourself from unwanted things”

♥ i love having time alone with myself and reflect life

“silence makes you realize things that are often neglected when you are so busy doing other things”

♥ i love sharing ideas with people that has the same interest with me

“It’s true I love sharing ideas with my friends, I just love the feeling of acceptance despite how crazy your ideas are. The idea of belongingness”

♥ i love to laugh

“There never a day goes by without me having a very good laugh hahaha”

♥ i love to cry . . . sometimes >.

“That’s right. Sometimes crying make yourself relieved from hurtful feelings caused by someone or something”

♥ i love reading books, conspiracy and fantasy books

“I have plenty of books to read, I Love reading ’cause i don’t know I just love reading books and collecting books”

♥ i love chocolates, Ferrero Rocher

“haha I had a fondest memory to share from a box of Ferrero Rocher. Because I really love this chocolate I ate a box of it when I was a child. I ate it all by myself in my room alone. After that I had a toothache T.T”

♥ i love texting

“I just love the idea of connecting to those people who mean a lot to you. I would have not been with my best friend today “Yori” if not with texting hehe.”

♥ i love facebook

“hehe obviously haha”

♥ i love my friends

“no words for that. I love them. All of them”

♥ i love my loved ones

“No words can express”

♥ i love sharing my feelings with others

“haha I think this explains why I have so many friends in facebook and Freindster. Its because I love sharing ideas and expressing my feelings there”

♥ i love photography

“Because I love to capture and immortalize those moments and collect them. For the preservation of good memories and fondest time together”

♥ i love excitement

“I love excitement because my life is so dull”

♥ i love love love love love

“Love love love love”

Those are just some of myself that I personally want to share with all of you. I may be living in a world and in a life that is not as perfect as somebody who posses fortune, wealth and fame rather I only have an ordinary life neither am I having a perfect personality but those little imperfections makes life PERFECT for me.

Thanks for reading my very first blog here. >_

Salamat po sa pagbabasa, comments and violent reactions are very much appreciated hehehehe

Till next time po mwah!