how can i forget the love we once shared?
and all of the feelings that we once cared

how can i forget the times we’ve spent together?
when i know that it will surely last forever

how can i go on living life without you?
when our memory keeps on pushing through

how can i face you once again?
if my heart cant accept the regrets and the pain

how can i let myself believe that you’re now gone?
if your sweet embrace still hunting me down

how can i overcome all my fears?
when i can no longer stop shedding tears

how can i lift myself up when I’m down?
when it is only you who could turn my life around

how can i see a better tomorrow?
when you leaving me plunged into sorrow

how can i stop the pain in my heart?
when you have already torn it apart

how can i stop myself from thinking of you?
when i already know that you have something new…